4 thoughts on “Darkest

    1. That depends a bit on your definition of “big.” Darth is probably the lankiest, rubber-bandiest of the bunch, but he is not the heaviest. That said, he knows how to step on his servants’ vulnerable pressure points so that it feels like one is being is stomped by 300 pounds of force if dinner is late, if we’re out of Temptations, or if he’s just feeling bored.

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      1. Ummm… I feel that our perspectives may differ on this. My Cats, with the possible exception of Amber, who would fit right in with a tiny beret on the Champs Elysees, are full-blooded ‘Merican Felines. Darth is rangy but he is also a veritable Cassoulet compared to le roi, or, honestly to most European Cats.

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