Restaurant Review

I placed a simple order–salmon a la carte with an extra dry ‘Niptini.

Not only was the wait interminable…

…when my food did arrive, it wasn’t what I had ordered.

What’s with the green stuff smothering my salmon? I didn’t order a glass of wine! Where’s my ‘Niptini?!

Of course I sent my meal back to the kitchen and finally received what I had ordered, minus the ‘Niptini.

I am still quite peeved about my ‘Niptini.

–Louie, Senior Lap Muffin Correspondent


A glass of wine might be a treat for you, Human Mommy…

…but it does nothing at all for me.

This is what I want.*


*Hey, Temptations, not to complain, but I still haven’t received a complimentary case of your yummy treats to ensure product placement in future posts. I am a Cat Influencer, you know.