Coping with Monday 

Don’t feel bad about hitting the Lion’s Head Tavern a wee bit before noon. 

Don’t feel bad about squinting your eyes tight shut in order to imitate a leaf, or a loaf, or maybe a leaf loaf.

We all cope with Monday in our own way.

–Darth Vader and Finnegan, aka Leaf Loaf


This time last year Human Daddy rescued me.

I’ve gone from waif to princess and I’m thankful for that. 

I’ve found some great family members…

…and some annoying … er… persistent… er… annoyingly persistent family members.

I’ve eaten my fair share of colorful salad arrangements…

…and lounged wherever…

…and whenever…

…and however…

…I please.

I am thankful for all of this and for the love.

To be happy and comfortable and to have someone to share it with is the best thing in the world.

Love, Luna