This time last year Human Daddy rescued me.

I’ve gone from waif to princess and I’m thankful for that. 

I’ve found some great family members…

…and some annoying … er… persistent… er… annoyingly persistent family members.

I’ve eaten my fair share of colorful salad arrangements…

…and lounged wherever…

…and whenever…

…and however…

…I please.

I am thankful for all of this and for the love.

To be happy and comfortable and to have someone to share it with is the best thing in the world.

Love, Luna

22 thoughts on “Thankful 

  1. That was such a happy time last year, you were rescued and the owner, uhm I mean slave of Shrimp rescued a little kitten, too. Now, sadly, Shrimp has lost her last of her 9 lives – and the good deed repays itself, as the slave in the foundling still has a cat to care for. And your slaves can still say their blog is sevencatsandcounting – as you were upgraded from “and countin”g to seventh cat, when, sadly, old Charlie died.

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    1. I am glad that you still have a Cat Master–Humans don’t do well without a Cat to serve. I’m not sure if I’m number seven here. Once in awhile I swear I catch a glimpse of old Charlie at the drippy faucet of youth. Plus, the ghost of Human Mommy’s beloved Cat Holly comes to play chase with us Girl Cats now and again when the Humans aren’t paying attention. Stretch and Ninja both saunter down the rainbow bridge to say “hi” when spring is breaking and the sunlight becomes buttery warm and welcoming. We are all members of a long lineage of love and we are always welcome in our home and in our Humans’ hearts. Purrs, Luna

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  2. hello luna its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted thanksgiving to yoo!!! theez ar all wunnerful things to be thankful for and it all starts with beeing reskyewd beeing reskyewd is the most thankful mayking thing of all!!! ok bye

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