Sad News

Trigger Alert: This post is sad.

I am writing this post with a heavy heart. Yesterday morning, Quicksilver went over the rainbow bridge. He had been in failing health for several months. It was not a surprise. I am glad, at least, that he got to die at home.

I’d like to tell you the story of how Quicksilver came to live with us. It was the morning of Human Daddy’s birthday, several years back.

Human Daddy had just finished opening his gifts when he heard a meow at the door.

“Are any of the Cats out?” Human Daddy asked.

“Maybe Phelps?” I said, just as Phelps sauntered across the living room and flopped down in a puddle of sunlight.

“Or Darth?”

By this point, Human Daddy was at the door. He opened it.

There was Quicksilver. He sauntered in as if he owned the place. Phelps, Darth, Finnegan–who had mysteriously appeared in the interim–didn’t seem the least bit concerned by this interloper.

I swear I saw Phelps nod at him.

Human Daddy is convinced that Phelps invited him to move in.

And move in he did.

Within a few days, Quicksilver was fully vetted.

Within a month, he had major dental surgery, which made one of his favorite activities, eating, ever so much more comfortable.

He got along with everyone…

…even the Woofies.

One of Quicksilver’s favorite things was to drink out of the front yard bird bath.

Today, we will bury Quicksilver beside his beloved fountain.

Goodbye, sweet Silver. Trot down the rainbows pouring in through the bay window any time you want to visit us.

You were our gift from the universe.