You want privacy in the bathroom, Humans?  Why?

If you insist, I’ll run your request by the 6 other resident Cats, but don’t expect a speedy response or, if we’re being honest, any response at all, as the Cat Co-op board has many weightier matters to consider at our next meeting such as the largest Woofie, the second largest Woofie and their combined impact on our HOA fees.

In the meantime, please turn on my drippy faucet of youth.

None of us are getting any younger here.


Monday again

Monday has happened again, Humans. Judging by your outfit and your impractical, professional heels, we assume that you are heading out to the mysterious place you call work.

Good luck not tripping over us on your way downstairs.

Maybe you should lose the heels until you’ve had your coffee. Just saying…

–Lily and Amber