More Gifts

Dogsmas was wonderful! I got a squeaky toy and a bully stick from Santa Claws, along with a squeaky toy from Papa Cosmo, one from Mama Stella, one from Sunny and five Catnip Mice from the Meowies.

I see that the stockings are still up…

That must mean that Santa is coming back tonight with more gifts for me, right?


My Meowie from…

O.M.D.! This show is so boring!

It’s putting us Dogs to sleep!

Can’t you change the channel, Human Daddy? –Xena

Shush, Little Xena! I let you Woofies watch two whole episodes of “Pit Bulls and Parolees” this afternoon.

Now it’s my turn to binge-watch Jackson Galaxy. –Amber


“You have destroyed your last Dog bed!” says Human Daddy. “No more Dog beds for you!”

We could have deployed the Puppy Eyes earlier, perhaps, but sometimes negotiations hinge on timing.

We deployed the Puppy Eyes right after our return from a fabulous, adventurous, EXHAUSTING walk/run.

Now we have an extra-large Papasan chair cushion all to ourselves.

Thank you, Human Daddy.

Thank you, Amazon Prime.

–Cosmo, Xena and Stella