To Do

  • Chew on Papa Cosmo’s jowls
  • Lick Human Mommy’s face
  • Chase multiple Meowies
  • Bark at Window Dog
  • Go outside and RUN
  • Bark at Mirror Dog
  • Return inside
  • Discuss bully stick ownership rights with Mama Stella
  • Nip at Papa Cosmo
  • Bark like CRAZY at something outside
  • Nip at Sunny
  • Provide salon service(s) to Meowie(s)
  • Bark at the POTENTIAL of something happening outside
  • Reup on KIBBLE
  • Attempt a headlock on Sunny
  • Perform facial on Mama Stella–receive pawdicure in return
  • BARK for no discernable reason
  • Bark at Orion and/or Dog reflection in Orion’s aquarium
  • BARK
  • CHEW
  • PLAY

  • Chill


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