16 thoughts on “Black Cat Day

      1. And rightly so – black kitties are far too often overlooked by people who look for a cat in a shelter, make this day about the gloriousness of black cats to promote your black kin who look for a new home.

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      2. When I had to choose (sadly one of my cats died way before her time because of an illness) I could choose between a black cat with a white patch on her breast – a cutie, shy but not extremely so, and away shyer dark tortie which was already for over a year at that shelter – I chose the latter. She is now the most affectionate cat imaginable and good friends with my now elderly tom (he was 5 then and is 10 now). I would have chosen the other one, too, I did not ignore her because of her colour of fur, but my heart went out to the even shyer cat who was overlooked for so long, too. She hardly dared to sniff out of her secure basket when I came into the hut where she and her fellow cats were kept for adoption. There were a lot of mini-panthers, too, but I wanted a timid cat and none of them qualified. My tom is a gentleman, you know, I could not force a bully on him. So for me it was a choice of character, not of fur colour. Still – sometimes I wonder when the little black cat did find a home and if it was a good one. I just do not have the space for 7 cats and counting – or I would have brought the other one, too.

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      3. Kessy certainly did not pick me – she hid in the basket. But upon hearing her story of being in the shelter for about a year she just HAD to come to my place … if she wanted or not. She was ambivalent for 7 months. Then one day she jumped up on the sofa with me and sat by my side. Yes, you read that right, she had me waiting 7 months for her. She hid most of those months or just came around my legs but only very short and no petting at all. Now she even lets me pet her furry belly and purrs while I do it. But I had to bribe her, before she would accept the slave …

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