Halloween Rule #1

Humans do not, we repeat do NOT dress up your Cats.

We do not like that, we would hate that, we might never forgive you.

Like NEVER EVER not even for a million cans of tuna would we forgive you.

Feel free to dress up like us though. You won’t look as good as us, of course, but we’ll appreciate your effort and only mock you behind your back because, really, who are you kidding trying to look like a Cat?

Only Cats can do Cat.


About us…



Many purrs to the Funny Farmer Felines for interviewing us!!!

Daily wisdom: Don’t dress up your cat for Halloween.  We don’t like that, we really, REALLY do NOT.*

It’s perfectly all right to dress up like us, though.  Even if you don’t get it quite right, we appreciate the effort.

*Unless we doSome cats like dressing upAsk your kitty to be sure