Halloween Rule #1

Humans do not, we repeat do NOT dress up your Cats.

We do not like that, we would hate that, we might never forgive you.

Like NEVER EVER not even for a million cans of tuna would we forgive you.

Feel free to dress up like us though. You won’t look as good as us, of course, but we’ll appreciate your effort and only mock you behind your back because, really, who are you kidding trying to look like a Cat?

Only Cats can do Cat.


19 thoughts on “Halloween Rule #1

  1. Snoops and Kommando here. Two paws up, Lily. We don’t understand why humans want to cover our natural beauty. Besides, cats come in enough colors and patterns to satisfy any human’s need for variety.

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  2. And cats do cats very beautifully too… Although I did see a pair of strap on black and red batrwings that would look adorable on my Lily…!

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