Hiya! My name is Sunny!

That wasn’t always my name, but Human Daddy says it is my true name because I radiate happiness and light.

I didn’t always have a happy life–I spent a whole year in a cage and then bounced from foster home to foster home.

Finally, I have a real home.

There are Meowies in my home,

…two beautiful Girl Dogs, who are both both super sweet to me,

…an awesome, protective big brother Dog,

…and all the delicious, nutritious food I can eat!

It’s good to be home, really, really good.


My Meowie from…

O.M.D.! This show is so boring!

It’s putting us Dogs to sleep!

Can’t you change the channel, Human Daddy? –Xena

Shush, Little Xena! I let you Woofies watch two whole episodes of “Pit Bulls and Parolees” this afternoon.

Now it’s my turn to binge-watch Jackson Galaxy. –Amber