Hiya! My name is Sunny!

That wasn’t always my name, but Human Daddy says it is my true name because I radiate happiness and light.

I didn’t always have a happy life–I spent a whole year in a cage and then bounced from foster home to foster home.

Finally, I have a real home.

There are Meowies in my home,

…two beautiful Girl Dogs, who are both both super sweet to me,

…an awesome, protective big brother Dog,

…and all the delicious, nutritious food I can eat!

It’s good to be home, really, really good.


19 thoughts on “Sunny

  1. Hi pretty puppy! 🐕a rescue mommy to,my kitty Isis 🐈has been with me for about 16 months now. She’s around 18-19 months old judging by her lack of teefies( ommy talk for teeth). I’m very glad your daddy has found you and your siblings. Btw, my little girl is a tortoiseshell kitty to. I couldn’t help but notice a tortie in your photos. 😻

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  2. Your humans have a very big heart! I just fear they might one day let their heart rule their brain. Humans cannot take care of an indefinite number of pets (that would be animal hoarding and is not desirable, as animals and humans suffer). But you should be fine – you seem to fit right in and are good with the cats! Four dogs are not hoarding though.

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