Government Regulations

Please fetch me a fishing pole, Human Mommy.

What do you mean I need a fishing license to fish in my own private goldfish and Koi pond?!

Great, just great.

My breakfast plans are ruined due to nonsensical government regulations.

–Darth Vader 

Second Chances

What do you mean we’re out of treats?

You’re fired!

What are you doing with your opposable thumbs?  Are you opening cans of stinky, gravy, meaty goodness out of guilt? 

We may have jumped the gun. We love you, Humans, especially your thumbs.

You may stay on, on probation.

–Charlie, Luna, Lily and Amber

The Morning Opera


The Morning Opera of Starvation is most effective with a large cast of cats.  So long as the chorus can pick up the melody, the mezzo-soprano can abandon her aria by flopping on the floor and grooming her whiskers, as divas do. 

Humans are not discerning.  Keep the volume up and you’re sure to get the wet food for which you sing.

–Phelps, Quicksilver, Lily, and Darth Vader