21 thoughts on “Crepes and Cafe-au-lait

  1. Yum! It goes without saying kitties would be interested, too!

    Mine would want to sniff them at least, you know, to sneeze on them or to leave little kitty spit droplets all over the crepes. LOL! We go through the routine anyway. “Here you go, though kitty boys don’t like cafe-au-lait yesterday, today, or tomorrow.”

    So they sniff and say, “How did you know this isn’t for kitty boys?!”, and they act genuinely surprised I already knew that. LOL!

    Great photo, incidentally. Put a smile on my face and I’m glad, as always, that I took the time to stop by your blog!

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  2. Mmm, looks yummy! I’ve seen coffee before, but these “crepes” I have not. They look tasty… I have always been one for yummy things like that; Martin’s Potato Rolls, tortillas, french bread. I have licked pancake crumbs (once) and I’ve heard crepes are like pancakes (but thinner), and I’m thinking I want a crepe. Right now.
    Be seeing you,
    P.S: Martin’s Potato Rolls are my favorite snack, but my humans always put them in the dreaded Refrigerator.

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