37 thoughts on “Dishwasher Inspection

  1. LOL, I’m thrilled to know that Purrseidon isn’t the only dishwasher inspector! Until this post, I’d assumed we always needed to verify her whereabouts prior to turning on the dishwasher because of her inexplicable water obsession.

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      1. I had no idea other cats did that! Do you also leap into the tub when your staff is trying to take a soothing bath? (IMHO, Purrseidon creates a lot of bathroom issues.)

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  2. Dishwasher… Ah, yes, that big black thingy in the kitchen. It’s broken. But I can still jump up on the counter to sniff how clean the dishes are. Usually my Housefolk washes them again after sniffing because of my wet nose, but how does my wet nose affected having the dish clean? It’s still clean. Now it has a touch of my scent on it! Even better!
    Be seeing you,
    P.S: Did the dishes pass your inspection? I must know.

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      1. Nope, not our problem. We are inspectors–not technicians. If stuff breaks, it is the responsibility of a different department, a totally different department, for which we do not have now, nor have ever had, valid contact info including but not limited to phone numbers, meow-mail, pawbook, linkedmew, etc. Purrs, Lily and Luna

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