I got lost–real lost. The ground below me was hard and hot and impossible to dig.

I’d almost given up when a Human saw me in the middle of what he called the “street” and placed me in a bucket.

I didn’t exactly love the bucket, but I guess it’s better than what Human Daddy says would have happened to me if I’d remained in the “street.”

Things looked up a bit when the Humans set up what Human Mommy calls my “temporary luxury suite.”

I mean, it’s okay–not exactly “luxury,” but maybe 3 stars out of 5. 

The Humans have promised me an outdoor Turtle enclosure. This sounds much preferable to my 3-star suite.

In the meantime, I’ll be burrowing myself in my new substrate. (Good call on the substrate, Humans.)

I can’t wait to move to my outdoor Turtledom.

Chop, chop Humans!

–Princess Box Turtle (who thus far lacks a name and is not pleased about this)

56 thoughts on “Rescue

    1. I guess so. The “street” was not even a little bit diggable. Still waiting on my outdoor, Turtledom, though. My servents…er…Humans really need to get going on that. Snaps, Princess Box Turtle who does not yet have a name and is becoming increasingly alarmed by this fact

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      1. Well, I have some critiques, but I am a Princess with a capital “P.” Still, no first name. Seriously, Humans, get on that! Friendly Snaps, Princess Turtle? Tortoise? I’m having an identity crisis! Seriously, Humans, I need a NAME!!!!

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  1. that is so nice that your humans helped that guy with da shell :o) guess what? we have a rescue tortoise named Hell-mut … my cousin brought him home, his awful girlfriend disliked him and he became the birthday gift of the mama because the cousin was anyway on the rocks and couldn’t buy a gift… now Hell-mut lives with us and we made an outdor tortoise-condo for him… he is rescued now and no one will dump him…. like my cousin dumped the animal-hating ole hag last month, yay!

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    1. Yippee! Animal haters are the worst!!! What does Hell-mut’s outdoor home look like? My servents…er…Humans are scouring the web for inspiration on constructing my Turtle Trianon in the backyard. Friendly Snaps, Princess Box Turtle who needs a name asap

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      1. it is just an area with plants and a hut where he can spend summer… in october he starts to hibernate, so we will put him in his indoor pen ;o) I’m glad he found a good home, after this heartless girl put him in a paper box and dumped him in front of the door… hope the cousin will look closer when he picks the next girl…

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      2. My Humans are planning to leave me outside in my Turtledom to hibernate as I am native to this area. I quite like to dig. I spent the night in a hole I dug in my new substrate. Friendly Snaps, Princess Box Turtle


      1. Well, they are French felines who write so they deserve names that celebrate that fact. We do hope to add a younger brother later this year and there are two names for him to choose from. Much depends on his personality!

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  2. Princess Charlotte Oddpaw says: “From one princess to another, congratulations on a superb rescue – your Humans are to be commended. You look like a Princess Yolanda to me…” 😺👑🐢

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  3. Another blogger friend has a turtle. It’s not native to her area of California so she needs to provide a heated area for the winter. What I learned from her is that they are quite the inquisitive things. It gets out of the enclosure to amble around to eat her plants. Loves broccoli. Good luck with it and it will be interesting.

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  4. Hello turtle friend! Living in Florida, I know what you are, and know not to get on your bad side. You have quite a pretty shell. The street is NOT a good place for a turtle (trust me, I lived in what humans call a “parking lot” for a while; it’s made out of the same material). You have a much better home now. I wonder what the cats think about it…
    Be seeing you,
    P.S: (From Grace) I was told by wildlife experts to wash your hands after handling turtles because they might carry germs that are harmful to other animals. Their natural habitat is usually moist with “waste” bacteria.

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  5. Mary Shelley? It’s the name of a great writer!
    And it would celebrate your physique, too. Or just Shelley, in case you are a male turtle?

    Fakenstein – as you are no real Stein. (Stone) …

    Snapdragon – Snap-dragon (also known as Flap-dragon, Snapdragon, or Flapdragon) was a parlour game popular from about the 16th century. It was played during the winter, particularly on Christmas Eve. Brandy was heated and placed in a wide shallow bowl; raisins were placed in the brandy which was then set alight. Typically, lights were extinguished or dimmed to increase the eerie effect of the blue flames playing across the liquor. The aim of the game was to pluck the raisins out of the burning brandy and eat them, at the risk of being burnt. Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language (1755) describes it as “a play in which they catch raisins out of burning brandy and, extinguishing them by closing the mouth, eat them”. According to an eighteenth-century article in Richard Steele’s Tatler magazine, “the wantonness of the thing was to see each other look like a demon, as we burnt ourselves, and snatched out the fruit. Snap-dragon was played in England, Canada, and the United States, but there is insufficient evidence of the practice in Scotland, or other countries.

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    1. Sadly, Human Daddy has shot down all those suggestions including Yolanda! (Thanks Ms. Murdoch– I feel like I could grow into Yolanda, I truly do!) Human Daddy wants a none human name. What?! Friendly Snaps, Princess Turtle who has no name

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      1. If he wants some fiercer sounding name: what about Reptor – as you are a reptile?
        Chelonia (old Greek for turtle)
        Kurma (another – like Luna – just that it is deriven from Indian mythology)
        Little A’Tuin would be a Terry Pratchett nod

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  6. LouLou the French cat has a turtle friend she has featured in her blog. Or it may be a tortoise,
    I am very glad you were rescued. I have rescued several turtle from the road (another version of street). I hope you get settled in and find a name worthy of your Princess self.
    Don’t be insulted, but yes, your humans need to wash their hands well after they handle you.

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  7. And another fitting name:
    one Australian Aboriginal dialect refers to Little Snapper as Muttaura – it’s the name for a fish.
    Bunyip – a terrifying monster from Aboriginal mythology.
    Choopa – small reptile, also in Aboriginal language …

    What was the name of the street? Some foundlings are named after the location they were found at.

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