Turtledom before:

Turtledom in progress:

Did you have to uproot so many hostas, Humans?

This used to make for a nice hunting blind…er…bird watching spot.

Turtledom after:

I appreciate the juxtaposition of the rocks and the diggable substrate.

The vegetation is quite nice and, if I understand correctly, edible.

My private pool, though, needs a cleaning and the proffered lettuce is not up to my standards.

3.5 stars, at best.

–Finnegan and Princess Turtle

P.S. We servants…er…Humans covered Turtledom with a strong plastic mesh to prevent any unwanted incursions into the Princess’s territory.  Human Daddy is hard at work on a latching chicken wire top.

12 thoughts on “Turtledom

  1. Princess Charlotte Oddpaw is impressed with your turtledom’s progress and says as regards your name, you could consider truly royal names like our own queen Elizabeth, or Catherine. Or even Charlotte.

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  2. Looks great! Oh, my Mommy Housefolk has a name suggestion for you: Brick Top. Or you could just name him/her Speedy.
    The black-ground-dirt stuff looks great to roll around in! And then, I would have to go sit out on my Housefolk’s bed. So they can experience the good of the dirt-stuff themselves.
    Be seeing you,

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