Bummy, Bummier, Bummiest 

You know what’s bummier than a bum knee? Going to two vets in two days time to get their individual opinions regarding the level of bumminess of your bum knee.

You know what’s bummiest of all? The waiting, paws down, the waiting.


26 thoughts on “Bummy, Bummier, Bummiest 

  1. Princess Stella,
    I am greatly concerned about your knee. Please keep us apprised. (I just learned that word from Lady Human. I don’t know if I spelled it correctly.) The best things about trips to the vet are the multitudinous scents in the air, even the ones that smell like shots. Best of everything including a healed knee.
    Signed, Queen Stella the Illustrious

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  2. hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is just like the faymus minstrels tom petty and the heartbreakers sed the wayting is the hardest part!!! altho having to see three vets is a klose sekund!!! i am sorry yore nee has an owtchee frum yore heroik chardj to the fense and i hope the third vet mayks yoo feel better!!! ok bye

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