Pesky Pigeons!

We can see them and we can hear them, but we can’t get at them.

Pesky pigeons taunting us! Someday they will know the wrath of our murder mittens.

–Pomme and Pumpkin, Guest Contributors*

*Does your Cat or Woofie want to be a Guest Contributor on 7 Cats. Send a photo to

4 thoughts on “Pesky Pigeons!

  1. Pomme is still with us, aged at least 17 years, but Pumpkin passed away aged 4 from heart failure. She was the maddest cat we have ever had, loving a game of Fetch. She once brought us a present of a pair of dirty knickers out of the laundry basket – while we were in the midst of hosting a dinner party! We still miss her. But Pomme and the other three cats Bib, Jasper and Millie keep us on our toes

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