Humans can be dense

No, I do not want one of the Woofies’ health bars.

No, I don’t want a Pupperoni either.

This is what I want.



*Hey Temptations! Not to brag, but I consider myself to be an Influencer in the Cat Blogging world. How about sending over a complimentary case of Temptations so that I can ensure your product’s placement in future posts?

7 thoughts on “Humans can be dense

  1. Until the last couple weeks I have received email notifications of your daily posts. This has happened with several blogs. There is no place to sign up again with a different email address. Do you know what gives ?

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    1. WordPress has been messing with their coding. I went a round with them last week for functions showing up on my phone app that shouldn’t have been there. Some showed up in the Reader in a browser.

      They are also pushing people to use their new block editor and move people away from the original one.

      When you mess with PHP & Javascript in an effort to bring in more functionality, if you aren’t careful, you break other things. You might need to contact WP tell them it isn’t working properly. They need to know.

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  2. Yes. I just have to remember to look for it. I read a loot of (cat) blogs and sometimes don’t realize I’ve missed one. I really enjoy your blog so I will put it in a special bookmark folder.

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