Rough Night

What a rough night! Human Daddy took me to the Emergency Vet because I had allegedly eaten a large portion of the blanket on the couch.

I fortunately didn’t need surgery, but it was still very scary, especially since Human Daddy couldn’t come with me.

I’m back home now, where I belong.

The moral of the story? Don’t eat blankets, or, if you must, do so only in moderation.


22 thoughts on “Rough Night

      1. Well, I don’t think it would be, but since I spit it out in a hairball and the vet said my X-rays didn’t show anything, I guess I really can’t say 🤔🐱🐼


  1. Oh lovely one, I am so sad to hear this, but you are fine now, hope you feel better. Once one of my Little Big Cats did something like that, it is so scary . Love to you ALL, nia

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  2. I’ve never tried to eat a blanket, before. Doesn’t sound very tasty. I do chew on a plant in the window. Mommy gets cross with me. She feeds me herbals so I pass things, comfortably. Hairballs are the worst.

    Feel better!


  3. I finally caught up with my reading of posts. I am sorry to hear about your little escapade in the emergency room. I am happy all is good now and please ask Human Daddy to give you more kibbles to nibble so that blankets are not your choice treats anymore. Take care Xena and I am glad you are better now. Garfield hugs.


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