8 thoughts on “Feast!

    1. Look closer, Kate. Lily is not getting any food – she just sits and waits. The other’s are tugging in. I could also feed both my cats next to each other. The little females always tried to steal the big Tom’s food – and he was a charming gentleman and stepped aside – or changed over to their bowl ..

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      1. We have a lot of that. Gracie is the hold out. She only eats her own so I don’t let anyone eat hers. They others wander around and nudge in another’s bowl so that cat goes to another bowl. Dang! It all comes from the same shipment! Same food!


      2. Lily is a bit odd–she doesn’t like wet food, but she still likes to socialize with the others at the feast. No stealing, but sometimes the cats will trade bowls. It’s a bit like a buffet, with the furry clients circulating around it.

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