Work from Home

Human Mommy rudely removed me from my chair so that she could “work.”

I find myself exiled to the second highest platform of the most Sacred Cat Tree.

Nearly a year of this work-from-home situation is weighing on us Cats.

It’s fine to “work,” Human Mommy, but why must you do it in our space?


3 thoughts on “Work from Home

  1. Alas, dear furiends, I completely identify with your problems and have been enduring a similar invasion of my space for quite some time… actually since before this covid nonsense because of home schooling…. Don’t know about you, but we don’t have a lot of confidence in ‘normal school’.

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      1. Indeed, thous are subjects. Also, how to build guitars, how to garden (purrticularly ‘nip), dinosaurs, and all sorts of fish, purticularly sharks…. Our curriculum includes things ‘the education system’ deems important, but we choose not to limit ourselves to it.

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