11 thoughts on “Nap

      1. Oh, I do have a cat boss, but the pay is lousy, so I have to have a side job with a human boss, to pay for kibbles and cat treats and toys, and that job does pay well, but the human boss does not encourage naps.

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      2. Sigh… Humans struggle with productivity. Look at you poor things, eschewing naps and drinking caffeine to compensate. Then look at us Cats. We are Apex predators but we don’t have to hunt since we’ve trained our Humans to cater to our every whim. We also run the internet. Somehow, we do all this while sleeping for the majority of our lives. Purrs, Lily

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      3. Yeah, don’t know, how some humans, not me, call humans the crown of creation. We are ill-equipped for most of nature’s challenges, we are stupid like lemmings and certainly not as efficient predators as cats.

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