5 thoughts on “Monday

  1. NOOO, please do not let Friday come too soon – I have a vacation! No need to hurry.

    I got up at 5 am today, to prepare for the vet to whom I have to take my new cat. Merlin is 9, years, not months or weeks … A rescue – his former owner neglected him. His teeth cause him huge problems and have to go, his mouth is infected, he’s on antibiotix. Some teeth broke off. He had fleas and ear mites. And he is malnourished – with that mouth of his no wonder.

    Merlin is a good cat and needs some TLC. His tooth surgery is on the 22nd, we hope (that is why we go to the vet again, today, to make sure it can happen). I feed him recovery food. I bought a soft brush for him. Comb his long hair – did I mention he is a breed cat – a Birman. But that is not the reason why I took him in or why he is a good cat. He is a lovebug and a good boy. Sweet and forgiving, when I comb out his tail to stop it from matting.

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    1. Don’t worry–I have told Sunny to withdraw his request for an early Friday. It is so wonderful that you have adopted Merlin. We considered naming Quicksilver Merlin. He also had horrible dental problems–one of the first things we did was to take Quick to in for dental surgery. He bounced back immediately and gave us so many wonderful years. Sending you positive energy and best wishes for your new Wizard Cat!

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