15 thoughts on “In the Jungle

      1. The ones in my yard are higherthan my roof … we do have a branch of the mango tree inside – it got cut down to only be 8 foot high, so it fits. Purrseidon


  1. Oooh so nice indeed! You are one lucky cat as Humans must carry the palms in and out so often for sunlight. You are one precious kitty indeed. Enjoy! And share the bed with them, considering the exercise they need to do for you. Haha! Garfield hugs.

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  2. Are they all real plants? Don’t they (cats) damage them or eat them? I can’ have any plant in my home because of my Little Big Cats!!!! They damage and also they ear too. So always I try to find what is good for them… (not toxic).. Anyway, you are so lovely, Thank you, Love, nia


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