16 thoughts on “Sometimes the Cats Lie

    1. Human Mommy praised me and scritched my ears the way I like and told me that I am the best warrior princess ever. But then she left my trophy outside where any marauding fox or large cat could scoop it up and claim it for themselves. When he got home from work, Human Daddy called Mommy and said that he had “taken care of it.” I asdumed that “taking care of it” involved a trip to the local taxidermist so that we can mount my first kill above the fireplace where it belongs. Big brother Finnegan told me that it’s more likely “taking care of it” involved wrapping my trophy in double plastic bags and tossing it unceremoniously in the trash. At least Human Mommy took a picture, I guess…

      Woofs and Wags, Stella

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      1. Well, she has – a picture with the proud huntress, too! And she posted it on the internet – and we all know, the internet never forgets. Maybe your humans don’t have enough space for ALL the trophies … with 7 cats that is very likely!


  1. The thought behind the gift was genuine(although my cats sometimes fib…) and at least you killed it outside the house rather than in…

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      1. Ummm, to be honest, there’s not a lot humans can do with dead rats…so she probably gave it to the rubbish bin who really enjoyed it! : )

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