7 thoughts on “Nothing is Lost

      1. The problem is The Idiot hides things under the teenagers bed and I’m not allowed in there. Mum says it’s too dangerous for a little pup. Especially in this heat. Psychokitty is sat in there sharpening her claws as we speak!!

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      2. Ah, yes. Sometimes our Meowies make things disappear, too. In this case, your best bet is to look up at your Human Mommy with big, brown eyes so that she’ll get inspired to replace your old toys with new ones. Woofs and Wags, Cosmo

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  1. hello cosmo its dennis the vizsla dog hay if only my snooter wurkd that gud!!! but i do not hav a gud nose dada always sez that wen they wer handing owt noses i wuz standing in the line for big feet and jowls!!! ennyway sniffing things wuz always tuckers job or sayas job i gess now it is my job so things wot git lost wil stay lost until dada or mama finds them!!! ha ha ok bye


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