19 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. When psycho was still alive kitkat would not share the litter box. She would guard it,growling everyone psycho wanted to use it. Momwithoutpaws says it’s because he wouldn’t bury his poop

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  2. I have seven too! They are pretty good for the most part and will wait until the other one has finished usually. I do have a couple that will share a plate or bowl together only because they each don’t want to miss out.
    Thanks for reading my post today.
    I love all things kitties…well mostly all things – not so much litter boxes, or fur balls, or IBD and things as such.

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      1. Love your kitty names! I look forward to more kitty reads on your blog.

        Norton, Mendy, Farley, Keaton, Nicholas a.k.a. Pickles, Memer Tate a.k.a. Tater Tot, and Tuppins a.k.a Tupps.
        I had a cat rescue before we moved to SC and these were either unadoptable due to illness or just so darn cute they all became part of our family and moved with us.
        My rescue is still going…the spay/neuter project I headed up unfortunately didn’t get picked up by anyone. Here’s the rescue:

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