10 thoughts on “How do you know I won’t like it?

  1. I looked it up, your humans deceived you:
    For cats that do express an interest in peanut butter, the good news is, peanut butter is not on the ASPCA’s list of people foods toxic to cats, but it does not have any nutritional value for cats.

    “Since cats are strict carnivores, their nutritional needs are met by eating a diet that consists of animal-based proteins (i.e. mice, birds). They do not process other types of food well,”

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  2. Morgan shares your excitement about tasting. She loved to sniff potato chips. Not eat them (good lord no! no meat or catnip so what’s the point) but enough of a wet sniff so that the human wonders if they should eat it.

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    1. Humans should not eat things that we Cats find disagreeable. By the same token, you should not eat too much of things we find delicious. As the descendents of lions, we Cats are entitled to the lion’s share of all things good. Purrs, Charlie

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  3. We understand completely. Don’t humans understand that we are going to continue wanting to smell it until they let us? We don’t tell them what to eat. Otherwise there would never be nasty brussels sprouts in the house. Snoops and Kommando

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