Goodnight, Love, and Purrs

Why are your eyes running like the Drippy Faucet of Youth, Humans?

The pain is gone, my claws are back, I’m at least 2 pounds of muscle heavier.

What’s with the waterworks, Humans?

I’m as strong and young as my Doppelcatter, though a million, a gazillion times handsomer than he.

(Seriously, how my Doppelcatter gets any girls is a mystery to me.)

Uh-oh, Humans, your eyes are dripping faster, too fast, much faster than my Drippy Faucet of Youth ever dripped.

Chill out, Humans! I’ve got all my teeth and all my whiskers and all my claws. Do you know how much I’ve missed my claws?

I’ve missed my claws A LOT!

I’ll miss you, too, Humans. And the other Cats and even the Woofies.

I’ll especially miss the Little One, even though she pounced on me more than once. If I’d had my claws on me, I would’ve taught her a good lesson then and there.

I’m grateful, too, Humans. I’m grateful you became my servents…er…Humans.

I’m even grateful you took me to the V-E-T when you did.

But most of all I’m grateful for the Drippy Faucet of Youth.

It finally worked. I’m young and whole and vital again.

Goodnight, Love and Purrs,

Mr. Charlie

(Born 2001 or so–crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 3, 2017)

94 thoughts on “Goodnight, Love, and Purrs

      1. Thank you for writing that. My wife and I can’t have kids and keep putting off adoption, so our cats are like family. I thought I hated cats, but a week after we had brought them home as tiny kitties I woke up and found them sleeping between my legs…and I thought what am I gonna do when they die? I knew I was catdicted.

        Do they go to Vall Halla cause of Freya? She was into cats right?

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  1. I’m glad Charlie is across the bridge and whole, but I am so sad for you, his humans and his animal family. It’s so hard to let a pet go, but thank you for being brave enough not to let him suffer needlessly. I hope you find peace in your memories of him. ❤️

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  2. Charlie, while we did not have the honor of knowing you as long as some of your other friends, we WERE honored in being able to call you our friend even if only for awhile. We cry with your mom and dad, we know their hearts are broken. We also hope they know, if you could speak human, you would not only say, thanks mom and dad for everything, but that you’d also say, I love you both too, and I always will. We are truly sorry, may God grant your mom and dad peace in their hearts in the knowing you’re in heaven. Godspeed dood with hugs and love from dai$y, tuna, and dude, sauce and boomer ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  3. Love and condolences to all of you. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so sad, losing a beloved animal. (Recently lost my grandmother’s cat, Cali, that I had known since I was about two to three years old.) I hope you all have a good night. If you can’t stand the sadness anymore, just remember, Charlie’s in Kitty Heaven purring and happy right now.

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  4. Didn’t you say he had a tooth surgery scheduled? Did it go wrong?
    I had to have my tom put down at the end of February and reading this shocked me, since I did not expect Charlie to be in a lethal state. Please, do not say tooth surgery to your readers when you know you will have to let go of one of your cats – we have come to love them, too!

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    1. I am sorry to upset you with this post. The vet thought it was an infected root. When she x-rayed Charlie prior to the surgery, she realized it was gingiva fibrosarcoma. Charlie was in great pain, but as a Cat he had done his best to hide it.

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      1. Well, it just came as a shock, but I have to apologise, of course my little pain is nothing compared to what you must feel. It’s just I lost my tom this February so suddenly, I easily get upset when I read a loved feline had to be put down. I am NOT in any case arguing if that decision had to be made – it had and you were right to do it and it was heavy enough, I can say. It just hit me as unprepared as it hit you at the vet and I am still a little sore because of FunTom … I overreacted, sorry about that. It just hit me out of the blue sky – as Easy’s death did last year. Death occuring so suddenly always hits me – must be my age – I have become a cry baby lately.

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      1. He was in tremendous pain. My husband and I were crying our eyes out, trying to decide what was best for him. Charlie was in my arms–he had never been a lap cat. He looked over at both of us, closed his eyes and started purring. Charlie had never purred like that before. He was a grouchy old man, not a cuddler, not a purrer. That’s how he told us.

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  5. Oh Charlie ! Thank you for letting us know you are well and whole and happy – though of course missing those you left behind ! I bet lots of old friends came to meet you and it is so good that you finally let your humans know you were in such pain and ready to go !
    Of course you will be missed here – but maybe after a while another Wild Child from a shelter will have a new home ! Whatever, you will always be loved and never forgotten ! Purrs.

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    1. We’re so sorry to hear about Charlie. You gave him a wonderful home, with plenty of love. He will always be in our hearts, and therefore, he will always be with us.

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  6. To the servants — I am so sorry for your loss. He was a great cat. I know personally how hard these things are — the decision and not coming home with your friend and in your case the surprise diagnosis. To Charlie — Look for a big black cat named Jake. He’ll be at the niptini bar trying to pick up chicks. I’ll tell him you’re there. He’ll introduce you around.

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    1. Thank you kindly! I’ve thrown back a couple of niptinis with Jake already–that Cat can drink! I’ve also met Ninja, Human Mommy’s Soul Cat. He took me to the butterfly hunting field right away. Holly, Human Mommy’s Tortie Princess, has also been around and so has Stretch, Human Daddy’s Soul Cat. The best part, though, are my sharp, strong front claws. Fortunately there are a lot of enormous redwoods to scratch and climb over the rainbow bridge. Posthumous Purrs, Charlie

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  7. I only just met Charlie and already he had such a special place in my heart. His wise and beautiful face was gorgeous to see on your blog. Thank you for sharing such a cool cat with all of us. And thank you for making the loving, compassionate choice for Charlie. Its the hardest choice we have to make for our kitties and I’m sure you did it with grace, mercy and love.

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  8. Oh, Charlie, you made us teared up too, but we are glad that you feeling happy, healthy and complete again now you made your final trip OTRB. Fly Free beautiful Soul. Until we meet again ❤
    Peeps and kitties. We are so deeply sorry to hear about Charlie and send Soft Pawkisses to comfort you ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. hello charlie its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer that yoo had to kross the rainbo bridj but i no yoo ar enjoying sharpening yore klaws on all the luvly sktratching posts and trees and furnitcher wot they hav their for that verry purpuss!!! and it must feel so gud to be yung agin too!!! pleez be shoor to stop by my brother tuckers everlasting rainbo bridj buffay i no he wil hav sum speshul kitty treets for yoo!!! i am sending lots of tail wags to yore family wot misses yoo and the hipster kitties ar sending lots of purrs!!! ok bye

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  10. This is heartbreaking. One of my cats sadly went over to the rainbow bridge after an awful but short fight with leukaemia. Similarly, she was a very big fan of the Drippy Faucet of Youth and also had a Little One pouncing on her at every opportunity – but she was her sister and her teacher nonetheless. A post I’m really glad to have stumbled upon – touched my heart. A magical blog.

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  11. That’s a lovely piece. My Mum’s cat passed this week and my two are knocking on a bit. I bet there are many readers who will copy and keep this post for comfort when their wee friends cross that bridge.
    Nice one! 🙂

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  12. So sorry to read and join you in the running eye department. I’m sure Charlie has found much fun with my brood who reside OTRB, especially little Doris. Many hugs and purrs from my brood still here xx

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  13. I know this is positive and all, but I can’t help feeling heart-broken. Your Charlie led a long and I’m sure very happy life and I hope it goes on in the great feline beyond. This is the moment I dread, the day when I’ll lose my first cat 😦
    That said, thank you for reading and liking my kitty post. Hugs and kisses to your brood 🙂

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  14. Mine are gone a long time, but got along together. My Mick, a cat, used to have dogs run away from home to play with him and I’d await the 7:00 am phone call. I worked for six years spaying/neutering 2,500 feral cats. They were numbered. It was personal. I held Nathan and Chani while they died the same year. I am sorry for your loss. Keep all his stuff around until you can’t take it anymore, that’s what an ER nurse told me. Remember the good things. Dee

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