Too Hot!

Hey, Papa Cosmo, I want to go outside and play fetch and chase squirrels and munch grass and such but it’s too doggone hot!

Why’s it so hot, Papa Cosmo?

Well, little Xena, Human Mommy controls the outdoor thermostat.

For some reason, known only to herself, she’s got it set at extra hot.

Why, Human Mommy? Why?

–Xena and Cosmo

12 thoughts on “Too Hot!

    1. Oooh! I love hugs! Can I lick your face, too? That would be just splendid! I’ll go look for a sweater for Human Mommy. Do you suppose it’s all right if I nibble on it just a little. Woofs, Wags, and the Sweetest Little Licks You’ve Ever Received, Xena

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