12 thoughts on “Napping Spot

  1. I can’t help but remember that day when your human male brought you home, a scraggly kitten, insecure of humans, panicking and oh so hungry. But already a princess – you made the whole lumberyard stop working and cautiously dissemble that pile of wood you had chosen to hide in. You made them work hard for your safety. And now look at you – so happy and confident, so well fed and well cared for!

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    1. Oh, thank you! You are right–I was always a Princess, even when I looked a bit scraggly. Yes, I am cared for, as a Princess must be. But I also care for my serfs… er… servants… er… Humans. I distribute purrs, acupuncture, and sundry rodent gifts whenever my ser… er… Humans seem stressed and/or hungry. Purrs, Luna

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