Medical Update

The Humans tell me that Stella made it through her surgery well with no complications. She can’t come home until tomorrow, though. 

Tomorrow is a super long time away.

Human Daddy gave me a chunk of baguette to console me. Usually, I gobble it up. Sometimes, I even steal Stella’s portion.

Not tonight. I left a chunk for my girl, for when she comes home.

I love my Stella more than bread.

Woofs and Wags, Cosmo 

Puppy Eyes

Puppy Eyes work great for some things, like convincing your Humans you deserve a game of Frisbee or speeding up the delivery of your dinner.

You know what Puppy Eyes can’t do? Puppy Eyes can’t fix Stella’s knee and they can’t speed up her return from orthopaedic surgery.

We will be apart until Friday.

We’ve never been apart more than a couple hours, not ever, since we first met.

It was love at first sniff.

I love Stella with all my heart.

Dear Readers, please send positive energy for her surgery and speedy recovery. We love you all so much.

I miss my Girl so very, very much.

Woofs and Wags,