Humans lie


Humans lie.  They lie a lot.  They will tell you that going to the doctor is “good” for you, that it won’t take long, and that it won’t hurt.  Lies, lies, LIES…

Forgiveness can be purchased only with honest tuna, paid up front upon your return home, with interest due to the emotional distress you suffered when you were shoved into a rigid, coffin-like carrier and taken, against your will and despite your protests, to the vet for needless tests and multiple pokes, even though you feel just bloody fine.


It takes a lot of tuna to forgive a liar.


5 thoughts on “Humans lie

  1. I have banned this post from my cats. They don’t need any encouragement on being snarky. They have also perfected the art of “knowing” when someone is going to the V-E-T. There is a call that goes out that says, “all cats under the big bed.”

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    1. I don’t consider my post snarky. I am a gentleman of a certain age and, all things considered, I feel just fine, robustly healthy even. Why, oh why, do the Humans insist on taking me to the vet?



      P.S. Your cats already read the post. They IM’d me to commiserate.

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