14 thoughts on “When the Woofies are outside…

    1. It’s not because you’re small–it’s because you’re a Woofie. As a rule, we Cats don’t really like Woofies. Some of us despise them. Not your fault you were born that way, but you should probably give your Cat Sister a wide berth. Hisses (’cause you’re a Dog), Phelps

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  1. dood….call a lock smith; if ewe due knot haz de number try thiz one:

    1 800 lock de dawgz out

    they haz ta due de werk tho when de dawgs iz gonna bee out for like a walk
    ore sum thin…then when tde dawgz come bak home

    TA DA surprize !!! …….they canna get in 🙂 ♥♥♥

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