29 thoughts on “Training

      1. Oh yes! You must sharpen the retractable daggers inside your Murder Mittens to intimidate…er…train Woofies! Personally, I like sharpening mine on the living sofa or the loveseat or the carpet or really any furniture that is within reach. Purrs, Luna

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      1. Oh Luna – if only she were a kitten then I could comfort myself knowing that she’d probably grow out of it. Unfortunately she’s a 13 pound 5 year old (so twice my size!), sad purrs, Cara

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  1. Thankfully no woofies Luna, just three other felines. Thankfully Human Mummy provides me with high up hiding places in the house which my 3 legged nemesis cannot reach so I can sleep in warmth and peace. Purrs, Cara

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  2. Luna,
    The Tribe of Five are smitten kittens with your woofie training techniques. The only problem is, in order for the Tribe to employ these techniques we’d have to get a woofie in the house and I must say, The Tribe is having none of that. Every time The Female Human sighs and says something about baby woofies, we put on our cutest faces and remind her that there is no need for such an animal in our house.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto and The Tribe of Five

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