12 thoughts on “Ghost Cat

    1. I know, I saw one of mine that passed. I saw him standing looking at me like ‘bye mama’ a day after he died. Then about a week later I saw him,he’d manifested, right above the floor about 5 or7 inches up. It was like looking at someone through the heatwaves that you can see coming off a hot road in the desert. It sounds crazy,but that’s what it looked like. I just happened to look into that room as I was walking down the hall.It was where he liked to hang out at most. Oh and to the blog owner I really Like your blog. Just found ut, but really like it!☺🐈

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  1. hello sevencatsandcounting its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is gud to no that owr frends over the rainbo bridj come bak to chek on us frum time to time!!! i shoor do miss having tucker and trixie heer to look owt for me!!! ok bye

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    1. Of course he does! Think about it–have you ever managed to get a Cat to stay in just one place? Just because we went over the Rainbow Bridge doesn’t mean that we will stay on just one side… Purrs, Charlie, Holly, Stretch and Ninja

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  2. anticipatory grief here….my heart cat, Zorro, 17, in end stage kidney disease. Comforting to know he may come back and visit….sigh…but I will miss the feel of him, sleeping on my hip at night, or his “feed me NOW dammit” yowl…

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