4 thoughts on “Looking Out

  1. I am very sorry, I know facts ahve become unpopular, but dogs do not see better compared with humans. BUT – you can smell a lot more than we can.

    “Man’s best friend sees the world through completely different eyes than their loving human owners. While both humans and dogs have cones and rods in their eyes, cones which help distinguish different colors, and rods which allow us to see in dim light. However, dogs have fewer cone receptors than humans, which means they can’t see as many colors. The author of “Being A Dog,” Alexandra Horowitz, says that its difficult to pinpoint exactly what colors a dog sees, but that it probably resembles what humans see at dusk. Despite seeing fewer colors, dog eyes have more rods than humans, which means they have much better night vision. A layer of eye tissue called the tapetum lucidum, which reflects light into the retina, also separates dog eyes from human eyes. This layer of tissue boosts dogs’ night vision even more and is why dogs’ eyes shine in the dark.”


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