You call that a scratching post?

Don’t get me wrong–those flimsy sisal scratching posts the Humans procure for us at the pet shop are nice and all. 

But if you want a superior pawdicure, nothing beats raking your claws over the rough bark of a mature oak.


20 thoughts on “You call that a scratching post?

      1. Think of this way–your furniture is your Cats’ emory board. Even the simplest emory boards have two sides–rough grain for shaping your claws and fine grain for smoothing. Now your pine furniture is fine for smoothing your Tom’s claws, but he’d probably appreciate a heavier wood to shape his claws into the sharpest points possible. Purrs, Lily

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  1. hello sevencatsandcounting its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez we must say “ats not a sktratching post!!! this is a skratching post!!!” and he sez we must say this in a crocodile dundee aksent!!! hooever that is!!! sumtimes i hav no ideea wot dada is tawking abowt!!! ok bye

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    1. I had to ask Darth Vader, our Feline Cinephile, about this. The way he tells it, Crocodile Dundee is a big orange Cat from down under who hunted–guess what?–crocodiles! One day, Dundee gets himself invited to New York where, among a bunch of other adventures, he gets held up by two New Yorker Cats. These Cats hiss, demand his catnip, and puff their tails to show they’re serious.

      Besides being a prodigious Crocodile hunter, Dundee is prodigiously fluffy, particularly along his long, stripy tail.

      “You call that a tail?” hisses Dundee. “‘Ats not a tail. This is a tail,” at which point he flourishes his fully puffed, enormous tail and the would-be tough guys take off.

      At least that’s the way Darth Vader explains it.

      Purrs, Lily

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