Hello! My name is Luna. Aunt Amber says that I am the “and counting” part of “seven cats and counting.” Human Daddy says I am number eight.

Either or… 

I was curled up snugly under 4 tons of lumber last week when I let out a piteous series of mewls. I was hungry–there were fewer bugs in my mountain of lumber than I had anticipated. 

Someone heard me. The noise stopped. There is a lot of noise in a lumber yard, but for a while it paused. 

Soon low Human voices replaced the scary noises. Several Humans were colluding, trying to figure out how to get me out of my mountain.

Human Daddy’s voice was the strongest. He didn’t say the most, but I knew he was in charge. The other Humans deferred to him the way other Cats deferred to my Mama Cat. 

I was kind of trapped in my wooden mountain, but even if I hadn’t been, I probably would have stayed put just to pin something real to my hope.

It took a long time. The Humans used a machine, a forklift I’ve heard them call it, to lift away each layer of my mountain, one by one by one until Human Daddy reached in and scruffed me, almost just like Mama Cat did.

I relaxed. I was happy.

Then Human Daddy put his other hand under my back legs. Mama Cat never did that. I freaked out.

Human Daddy let go of me. There may or may not have been some swearing.

I found my way under another mountain of wood.

There were no tasty bugs under this mountain either. I was hungry again. I would have mewled, but I remembered what happened last time, and I choked on my hope like a hairball.

Then I heard it. There were Kittens, melwing just like me. They were talking about how hungry they were. A Mama Cat answered them, not my Mama Cat, but a Mama all the same, promising milk.

I ventured out.

Human Daddy was there. He was holding something, a smartphone I’ve heard the Humans call it. The smartphone was mewling through a kitten app, as the Humans call it.

I let him scruff me again. 

He put me in a cage that smelled of Woofies. Another Human brought me tuna. 

That afternoon, Human Daddy brought me home.

I am thankful for my warm room, the bowls of food, the multiple cat beds, my two boxes, my balls, my stuffed mouse and most especially my mouse attached to a wire that Human Mommy moves for me whenever I demand it.

Most of all, I’m thankful that I managed to pin my hope down with a sharp claw, to make it real.

I’m thankful my hope became real love.


49 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

      1. I am not sure, if you want a collar. But of course you DESERVE one – it might be just a collar of shame you will wear once you have come back from the vet – where they make sure you will not add to more cats. Sorry, but there is always a downside. Twilight (Shrimp calls her Toast/ie) will wear that collar of shame, too, as all of your new uncles and aunts have once. It won’t be for long, though. And it will be for the better.

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      2. Two pounds – that is nothing … 900 g in real weight … πŸ˜‰

        But it’s the age that counts. You should be getting this particular collar when you are about six months – before you can meet an intact tomcat who takes advantage of you.

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      3. I’d say you are two and half, maybe three month old. Not older, rather two and a half than older. Yes, for sure the snip is still too early. I showed your story to a cousin of mine, she once had a sweet kitty just like yourself, with tabby and white. She fell in love with you, too.

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  1. Oh my! How lucky you were. Did you have brothers or sisters who are still out there? “And counting” is a magic number! You are very pretty with or without a collar. Ours cat will not wear one. They like the “au natural” look.

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  2. Dear Luna, I too am thankful for your rescue and your new home. Eight cats! I can barely handle the one we have at our home. Here is a bulldog recommendation-eat lots of food. Don’t be shy. Get your paw in early. Establish your rank. One day you also may be a queen. Eat like one now!
    Signed, Queen.Stella

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    1. Thank you Illustrious Queen Stella! I am eating well and exercising regularly with my mouse toy to tone my muscles. I am not the crown princess–my sister Lily is–but that doesn’t stop me from eating like a Queen. I have already become picky about my food, as befits royalty. Purrs, Luna

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  3. Welcome to your new family, Luna! It sounds like your Daddy found you just in time! I’m so happy fur you! 😺 Here’s a treat fur ya!🐭🐹 Shrimp

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  4. Congratulations on you “and counting” cat ❀
    I hope she will get along with the rest of the you lovely cats!
    I also have a Luna, it is such a lovely name and yours little one is just adorable! Looking forward to more pictures of your new baby ;D
    Many purrs from Luna and Ronja from Creative Cat Lover and their mommy Rikke

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  5. Luna, what a beautiful story! I’m so happy for you that now you know what it’s like to be warm, have food and be loved. Your human daddy is a clever fellow, because I never would have imagined that using a smartphone and a kitten app would work!! Bless him for trying everything he could to save you. You are one very very lucky kitten. Take care and treat your human mommy and daddy well. Lots of love from Aros

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