Don’t be too nice…

Ladies, it’s easy to be too nice, too indirect, when trying to blow someone off. Eventually, you may just have to threaten the use of your claws.

Wait… He’s still here. What part of “I’m about to lacerate your nose” does he not understand?


I think I’m growing on her. We’ll be besties in no time.


12 thoughts on “Don’t be too nice…

    1. I’m sure you are right! Luna’s still a Kitten, it may take her a little while to figure out that we are best friends. Lucky for her, I’m both patient and determined. Woofs and Wags, Cosmo

      That’s not at all how the saying goes! I’m just a Kitten and even I know that!! Purrs, Luna

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      1. Sooner or later, little Luna will accept my friendship. Woofs and Wags, Cosmo

        Sigh… I’ll probably have to. This Woofie does not give up. He may suffer some scratches in the meantime, though, because as the youngest member of the pride, I have to establish a reputation for myself. Purrs, Luna


    1. I’m not a queen, just a princess and not even a Crown Princess, as Lily and Woofie sister Stella are ahead of me in line to inherit the throne from Queen Amber. I am gracious, as my royalty demands, but, seriously, how long does it take a Woofie subject to take a hint?! Royal Purrs, Luna

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