The key to invisibility,  little Luna, is to choose a surface that blends with your fur, install yourself on said surface, and stay preternaturally still. 

See this blanket? It has black stripes for me and white and gray stripes for you. Now we are invisible.

Ummm, Uncle Darth? I think you may have forgotten that Woofies see through their sniffers.

–Darth Vader and Luna

16 thoughts on “Invisibility

    1. Ummm… Not sure that this works for Woofies. You have to be really, really, really still and in our experience with Woofies, you guys always have something jiggling or vibrating. But, by all means, sit in a muddy puddle. That will be great fun both for you and your Humans! Purrs, Darth and Luna


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