I’ll admit that I had a rough few days health wise. I may have even complained about my symptoms more than once.

What do you expect? I’m old and grouchy, particularly when I’m not feeling tip-top.

But is the V-E-T really necessary?!

I did NOT consent to this!


32 thoughts on “Consent

      1. Well, let me assure you, it is not THAT bad – my little one had most of her teeth removed in January, she is very fit now – even can pluck the odd grass stem with the tiny teeth in front which they left her with. Better than toothaches!

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  1. After Gracie had her dental work done, she was a different cat completely. We had her about two months and although youngish, she wasn’t active. I knew something was wrong. You couldn’t touch her mouth. A couple of teeth pulled and this tornado came back. Hope it works as well for you!

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  2. dood….sorree ya had two go two de place oh eeeevil; we see buy de commintz a bove ya knead sum teeth werk done ~ hope all goes well, st francis’ blessings two ewe; that dood iz amazin & paws crossed yur bak ta eatin bacon in noe time ♥♥

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