14 thoughts on “Past Tense

    1. Human Mommy lacks in some basic organizational skills. I’m assuming that’s why my new shoes found their way to a hamper. I can’t complain. If they were in their proper place, the hanging shoe organizer, they’d be much harder to sit on. Purrs, Luns


  1. I want to compliment you on your perfect Bread Loaf position. It is top-level and almost as good as mine!
    Also, try doing this to your Housefolk’s clothing, like I do; shirts, pants, skirts, socks, whatever you can find. And always sit on them when they are clean or about to be worn. 🙂
    Be seeing you,

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  2. Perfectly reasonable. There’s been days when I haven’t been able to wear something because it assumed the status of a “maybe” bed for Charlie…😸

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