Scary Things

Sometimes even the strongest, bravest, seven-pound-and-growing Warrior Puppy Princess gets scared, like when she is taken, against her will, to the dreaded V-E-T.

Just curl up tight in your Human Daddy’s arms. You’re strong, but he’s stronger than you. He doesn’t seem the least bit scared and he’s obviously topped seven pounds.

Human Daddy will keep you safe.

–Xena Warrior Princess

14 thoughts on “Scary Things

    1. The Vet was pretty nice and the Vet Tech was AWESOME! She gave me as many treats as my little Puppy tummy could hold. The only part I really didn’t like was the pawdicure. Don’t these Vets understand that long nails are stylish? Woofs and Wags, Xena


  1. AWWWW Xena!!! You are just so sweet, all curled up in your Human Daddy’s arms. I’m glad he made you feel safe. I love going to the vet! I know I know, I’m super weird. But my fursister Nymeria hates going, she’s always really scared when she goes too. Unfortunately she’s way too big to curl up in our humoms lap. BOL! I hope you got a lot of yummy treats while you were there!

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  2. I had a dear rescue dog (X Border Collie) called, Fonty, who loved going for walks and all sorts of outings, hopping happily into the car, being this very happy dog, until he got out and saw where his outing took him … one whiff of the VET’s rooms and he turned from happy to VERY UNHAPPY and big as he was, climbing on my lap! I had to wait outside until it was his turn and even then, he draaaggged his paws. 🙂

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  3. hello xena its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yeah yore dada luks like he has to be at leest fifteen pownds so he kan protekt yoo frum ennything skarry wot mite be at the vetnameez playse!!! mary krismas to all of yoo frum all of us!!! ok bye

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