15 thoughts on “The Worst

  1. Folks, I had a heart attack when I saw this – I knew that a cat in a carrier means a trip to the vet, and when I then see the words “the worst” along with that, I got a panic attack. Thank [whichever supernatural power you believe in], it was just the routine visit. Don’t do that to an old woman … I turned 50 this year … and I have a heart murmur …

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      1. Good to hear you ARE in prime form. Sometimes the eyes of humans are limited and they need a specialist to assure them they have not overlooked something. That is why you need to go for a checkup. If it is any consolation for yourself – I will have to undergo some of those this year to – one involves indeed putting a larg object inside my … oh, you know …

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  2. Yes. My cats hate the thermometer up the butt, the teeth check, ear probing, and squeezing the body. Oh yes, they hate the shots too. What they love is climbing back into that carrier for the ride home and a nice long nap.

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  3. Daisy Mae would agree with you there. However I can top that. Daisy Mae last vet visit the worst thing happened. Dad and I had just came around the corner of the reception desk when all of a sudden and out of the blue the top of the pet carrier fell apart and in on her. The good part was we didn’t have to wait.


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