Bad Jokes

When you are taking your daily inventory of the foodstuffs, do your Humans tell you to get out of the refrigerator because “Kittens are best at room temperature?”

That’s a terrible, offensive joke, meriting many hisses.

As a pragmatist, though, you may do better to direct your Humans’ attention to the unopened pack of Canadian Bacon on the shelf above your right ear.


10 thoughts on “Bad Jokes

  1. you have bacon in your fridge? how great… I come over :o) I accidentally grabbed philadelphia cheese with strawberries as I was on fridge patrol… that was awful I tell ya… it’s a challenge to live with no-meat staff …sigh…

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  2. Andy and Dougy know that’s where I keep kitty food since I feed them both wet and dry food, and there often is part of a can of wet kitty food left over. (I don’t give them a full can at a time as a matter of weight control and tooth health.) They want to do what this kitty’s doing, but I have to shoo them away.

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