New Couch

Thank you, Humans, for installing this new couch in our private, members-only Cat club, sometimes erroneously referred to as a front porch.

What’s that, Humans? You want to sit on our couch?

No, you may not.

First, you are not members, membership is by invitation only and, even if we were to invite you, the club fees amount to more cans of tuna than you can afford.

Second, the only remaining cushion is reserved for our esteemed club member Quicksilver.

–Phelps and Darth

19 thoughts on “New Couch

    1. Not a bad idea! Then we could extend membership invitations to the other Cats in our neighborhood. Oh…wait… Did you suggest a bunk couch so that the Humans could sit on it too? Nope, not gonna happen. Purrs, Phelps and Darth Vader

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  1. I have an old New Yorker cartoon on my fridge…guy comes home from work to find his wife sitting on the floor and the cats are on the couch. She looks up from reading her book and says, “they wouldn’t move.”

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